Sunday, December 28, 2014

December 2014 Cruise

Before cruising, we flew to into San Juan, and had time to walk on the beach and have dinner there the night before. We found this tiny place on the ocean front, down the block from our hotel, which did not look like much:

And so, I was not expected this!

Salmon, given the fancy gourmet treatment--on the beach, no less. Al fresco...

Again, we sailed on Celebrity's Summit, and went to mostly the same places as last year, but we did a couple different things--we kayaked from river to ocean in Dominica, and took the sky ride on St. Thomas--

Gorgeous views...and I saw a couple palatial houses that I believe I've seen on Pinterest...

That's me, wearing a dress I seldom wear, on formal night...
Mike in front of one of the Christmas trees...

Looking out at the sunset...
It was Mike, on the deck, with the moon! (which is not visible)

How do they do these things with towels??

It really was a day on the beach! This is Grand Anse, on a lovely day, and that is our cruise ship in the distance. The beer is Stag--pretty good, actually.

Next year, I resolve to take better pictures!

Happy New Year!

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TLP said... looks as if you had a great time as usual.

I love that gold dress!!! Very, very nice.