Friday, December 20, 2013

These are pictures from our annual December cruise, taken on the Celebrity Summit. First, here we are playing dress-up:

The cruise started in San Juan. We always get there the day before the cruise sails, just in case. In December, weather can happen--

And here is an example of some of the zany Christmas decorations in this beach town. This one is clearly aimed at confusing children. Yes, there's a nativity scene, which I didn't capture very well, and as usual, the Three Wise Mariachi Men have come to play, but this time, something different: yes, that's a pig on a spit. This is so blatantly not Kosher. And no, this was not in front of a restaurant, but a hotel.  (Old San Juan is nothing like this. It's an historical district, very traditiional.)

Oh, and we stayed at The Water Beach Hotel, a place so hip that I feared we might be kicked out. It's a small place that takes advantage of every inch it owns, and the decor is nothing like I've seen before. For one thing, there's lots of black light. The hallways are dark, but not to worry, the room numbers glow! The elevator is clear glass, and since there's nothing to see, a waterfall-type gizmo is there to entertain you.

Above, the eerie blue room in which we stayed, and below, the waterfall elevator. Interesting, and we're not even on the cruise, yet.

And, while we were eating dinner at some simple, nearby place, I missed the Santa parade again. Yes, Santa comes screaming down the street on a Coca-Cola truck, a very loud affair, and once again, I did not have my camera ready. Someday.

There's Mike, on St. Kitts. I have no pictures of our first stop on St. Croix because it rained cats and dogs, but the next day was gorgeous.

 An interesting sign, noting the significance of the above park...

 Just some scenery, taken from the ship..

Here, we are taking a water taxi to a Grand Anse beach on Grenada...
Mike got chummy with a very nice English lady who was sitting next to us, and she took our picture. She even got the cruise ship in the background, and it was so bright that she couldn't see what see was doing. Grand Anse beach is very nice, but also very crowded, and people just kept coming.

 Ah, lovely St. Thomas. I took several pictures of the shore and boats off the shore...
 On the final day of our cruise, we took a catamaran to St. John, an undeveloped island, where we snorkeled.
I love love the ride out there, and this year, we got up close and personal with a couple sea turtles--Mike even swam right behind one. Twice, we watched them, not just grazing on the bottom, but surfacing. It was pretty exciting. No pictures; it's all I can do to keep my mask on straight!

Look, you can see it, the Cruise ship--our driver was so good, so cautious, that I took my white knuckles off the bar in front of me to capture a little bit of scenery.

By the way, in St. Thomas, you can get ticketed for driving without a shirt. If you are pulled over by a cop for this reason, the friendly officer might hold your beer while you dish out your license. Yeah, I wouldn't drive there, either.

And then, we had to come home. To snow. The End.


TLP said...

I all looks wonderful! You are so pretty sweetie.

actonbell said...

Thanks, Mom.