Thursday, September 22, 2011

Scenes from a Vacation

Since this is the third time we've been to the same hotel in the same resort, I tried to get some different-looking pictures.
Looking out at the ocean through an outdoor lobby
Our room was down the hall, to the left, on the second level.
The grand staircase. That's my distorted image in the gilded mirror.
Looking back, away from the sea, at the quiet pool's area

Mike going in to cool off. We had perfect weather.

The cool fountain at The Maya. I'm looking up at just one of the resort's interesting lights.
Mike at The Grand's hotel lobby bar, in front of that scary-disturbing picture.
Me in The Lindo's lobby, on the way to dinner there. I still think it's the prettiest area.
Mike over at The Lindo, probably after dinner...
Mike in front of the gilded mirror at The Grand. I love the vases and flowers everywhere.
This picture is looking the opposite direction from the one above, a shot towards the main lobby at The Grand.

I didn't get any coati pictures this year, because they weren't hanging out in our area this time. There was one brave guy who came all the way up, past the pools, for breakfast. He was The Grand's Pet, and he did get fed and had lots of photo opportunities, but I just never remembered to take the camera to breakfast. (He's probably famous on Flicker.) And the weather was so gorgeous that we camped out on the beach, far enough away from the Lindo/Maya area not to attract the cute little scavengers.

Anyway, it was a wonderfully relaxing time that's hard to leave behind!