Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Riveria Maya, 2008

We're in love with a certain Iberostar resort in Playa Paraiso, which is evident because we've been there four times now. This year, the beach was especially perfect; no debilitating storms had been through to cause debris or the need of repair, the water was perfect, and Iberostar has built another resort beside our favorite, which is very pretty to look at.

The big white and maize-colored building in the background is part of Iberostar's new resort, called The Grande.

And we couldn't ask for better weather.

We also hung out at the pools a lot. Ekim took a very sexy shot of me reading with my butt stuck firmly in a tube, my shoulders covered by a t-shirt after spending enough time in the sun.

Gee, these pictures make it look as if we have the place to ourselves, but that wasn't exactly the case, though we did get a free upgrade to The Maya, the slightly-posher sister of The Lindo. It's not quite as pretty, though. It's hard to be as pretty as a place called The Lindo. Most of the restaurants we visited are at The Lindo and as usual, I took my share of pictures of the lobby! I won't repeat the same views, though. Here are some pictures of The Maya:

There's some scary furniture in Maya's entrance. You WILL enjoy this vacation, grrrrrrrrr!

Back at the poolside, though, I'm afraid that some violence did break out--

It appears that the pawns started the melee, and by the end, both knight and bishop were felled in their effort to save the queen. And boy, does she need work--a little plastic surgery should do the trick.

Meanwhile, the cats were hangin' out, relaxing on a table or under our deck chairs,

--that is, when they weren't being chased off by the gangs of coatis outside the lunch buffett.

This year, there were signs on the beach asking people not to feed the coatis OR the cats, and at first, I thought the darling coatis were gone. I'm either naive or stupid. People are feeding the coatis AND the cats, but not on the beach, anymore. Coatis don't care, they like the vegetation on the way to the beach and will hang out on the bridge, as well as right outside the pool area. And the cats never hung out at the beach.

A coati waits for a scufflaw to exit the lunch buffet.

It was a very relaxing week, and I'm still recouperating. It's hard work. For one thing, I'm definitely in guacomole withdrawal. I had either avocados or guacomole at every meal. It's very good with scrambled eggs. With time, though, I shall overcome.