Friday, February 16, 2007

Belated Punxsutawney post

We went to Groundhog's Day!! We being me (Actonbell), Mom (TLP), and my older sister (Dddragon)

These pictures are not in order, and these are not all of them, but anyway--

There's Dddragon, before we bought our groundhog hats. She's all bundled up and ready to walk around Punxsutawney. Stylin', isn't she?
We went to the community center to visit a small craft show, and we all got silly groundhog hats. People gave us lots of friendly looks and compliments on them.

Mom and I took a long stroll up to Gobbler's Knob the day before, February 1st, because we knew that we wanted to take the bus the next morning. It was cold. Mom and I took pictures of each other in front of the podium where Phil would make his appearance the next morning.

These are pictures were taken in front of the library, where Phil lives, and where the tuxedo Phil statue is located. I don't happen to have a pic of Dddragon with it, but if I see one, I'll snatch it.

This Bellhop Phil lives in front of the Pantall, where we stayed--

Before dawn on Groundhog's Day, there were fireworks, captured here by Dddragon--

After all the entertainment, fireworks, and the prediction, we rushed on back to the Pantall for a wonderful breakfast before heading home. We had a very nice trip home!