Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lots of pictures of the Iberostar Paraiso Lindo

September 8-15 in Playa Paraiso, at the Iberostar Lindo. This is one of the first glimpses one gets, on arrival. There is something supremely uplifting about simply being in such a beautiful place. It's hot, but somehow, in the shade of these courtyards, you'll feel good. Maybe it's all the light, or the reflections from the fountains.

Our room wasn't immediately available, so we visited our favorite bar at The Maya. That's the Lindo's posher sister hotel, next door. See the snake head hanging over the booze? Nice touch.

This is such a cool bar. I love how the plants hang from the ceiling. We spent some time speculating about how the staff cares for those plants. We always have exciting conversations.

Our room's ready now, so it's back to the Lindo. Now, I've been drinking, remember, and that's why some of these photos might seem a bit unbalanced. If anyone paused to laugh at the tipsy middle-aged lady staggering around behind her husband with a camera, she didn't notice.

This is not the swimming pool:) Around this fountain are restaurants, a couple bars, and some shops. Keep going straight, though, and you'll get to the pool.
We're going to the room first, though. This is what I call The Boardwalk. I love it.

Lagging behind Mike...

There are lots of fountains. The skinny stray cats get plenty to drink...

I tend to get lost in such big places. It really helps to have so many landmarks. After the rooster fountain (see the rooster on the top?) comes the four pottery sisters, then

ooooooh, I'm tilting...

the columns! We're getting close.

This is our courtyard. Now, I just have to remember which side we're on.

This way....

We're upstairs. By the way, these knees are famous! Mike was proclaimed Mr. Knobby Knees a few years back, and he's still got it, baby.

This is just another picture of the courtyard from upstairs.

Our room was resplendent in decor and towel decorations. We always carefully transfer those towel creations to a nearby shelf, but a picture lasts longer.

Shots from the pool and the beach:

The pool looks especially lovely at night, but it's hard to get a good picture. This is about a quarter of the pool area. There's a wave pool and a lazy river (rio Lento) behind the pavilion, and another pool in front of this area. We started almost every morning at the river. Now to the beach...

We're pausing here to watch the cute coatis.
YO! I'm open, over here!!!!!

A coati will eat anything--watermelon slices, pizza, or the last bite of your sandwich. Meanwhile, the stray cats, who do not have the advantage of being tourist attractions, must fend for themselves. Mike and I watched a little cat catch and devour a couple small lizards. Serena would be disgusted. Mike got the idea that maybe the cats should wear fake snouts and nip some viagra for their tails. It might work on the tourists, but it wouldn't be worth it, if all they're giving out is fruit. Blek.

That's a lifeguard stand with a view!

We got in lots of strenuous activity. The water was perfect, and the sand is very fine and almost white. The waves are smaller than the ones we see on the mid-Atlantic, and the ocean is bluer.

These guys are working. I thought that we might get to see how these huts are thatched, but by the time we got to the beach the next morning, the huts were up, the stain was dry, and they were already thatched!

These wooden frames are heavy--it took five guys to get this one upright, Iwo Jima-style, first. The men and women who work at this resort are incredible; they can do anything and they are the nicest people you'll ever meet.

On with the advertisement: the food was fabulous. This is Mike with his favorite desert

The Maya Bar at night

The pathways are beautiful at night, lit just enough along the way to give one the feeling of walking through the jungle by torchlight. The week flew by.

Bye, bye, Lindo, until next year.