Monday, May 7, 2007


May 2-6: Magical Collector's Weekend

Downtown Chicago was resplendent in tulips.

The skyline is so intriguing. (Yes, I know I closed my eyes for this one...)
Bean Pictures!
This magnificent bean is in Millenium Park.

Lots of bean pictures...

Take a lap around the bean, and see Chicago! I went for a run in this area a couple hours before taking these pictures, and had the bean all to myself.

There we are, in our wacky distortions--

We went for a walk down by the lake, and spied a lighthouse. We were lucky to have such gorgeous days for our walkabout in Chicago.

We then left for Schaumburg, one of Chicago's suburbs, for the actual convention. Maybe Ekim took more pics...


TLP said...

I love this blog. Good photos.

Minka said...

Well slap me silly, but I just notcied this blog today. You´ve been hiding well :)

Since many of us, I hope me included, will be in March in Chicago...this is a bean I must see!
Gla dto have you back and happy to hear the trip went this well!

neva said...

excellent pictures... Actonbell! not sure i knew about this blog -- now that i do i can't wait for you to take more trips so i can see more of what it is you're up to! (in my head that makes sense... too bad it doesn't in this comment! d'oh!)


Donelle said...

Well written article.